Ridley Helium SLX Disc Frameset


The Helium is our best all rounder. It?s simply at the highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. We?ve designed it to be as light as possible to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet it is stiff and durable enough to expertly handle the likes of Thomas De Gendt?s one-minute at 500W early breakaway effort. Hence, weight as well as performance is built into this frame as it must satisfy the most demanding of our pro cyclists.

The Helium is not only built for the pros, but is designed for anyone who wants to pull everything out of their bike. It?ll help you to be fast on the climbs to grab those Strava KOM?s, fly on the flats and rolling terrain, and sprint like a pro. It?s also comfy enough to keep you motivated to ride long distances to tackle Gran Fondos.

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The new Helium SLX Disc is the new flagship model in the Ridley family of ?stiffness to weight? bikes. It is extremely light weight tipping the scales at 780g for a size small, which is only 50g heavier than the rim break version.

This new frame not only sees the addition of disc brakes it has also been aerodynamically optimised, by using F-Steerer technology like the Noah Fast, every cable on the front end of the bike is integrated making a clean cockpit.

?We finally opted for the complete integration of all cables. After carrying out a great many analyses, we knew that this yielded a considerable benefit: a decrease in wind resistance of 14%,? Toon Wils, Chief Engineer, Belgian Cycling Factory.

By retaining its round shaped top tube and down tube this new model retains the perfect ratio of stiffness to weight. The addition of disc brakes and thru axles lowered rear stays and maintaining the small bridge between the Helium SLX Disc has increased stiffness over the rim brake version.

This is the perfect all round bike, its low weight will see you climbing with little effort and on the decent you will have full control thanks to the straight bladed fork providing sublime handling round those hairpin corners and powerful braking from the disc brakes.

The Helium SLX Dis is truly ?the King of Racers? Jochim Aerts, founder of Ridley Bikes.

Our new F-Steerer, with half-moon curvature, ingeniously allows for fully internal cabling. Cables run straight from handlebar, through stem and directly inside the steerer tube where they have room to move freely as bar is turned from left to right. Not only does this decrease air friction from cable drag, but it gives your bike a very clean look. In addition, by adjusting the cross-section of the steerer, we were able to increase its lateral stiffness, which comes in handy when sprinting.

Compatible with Shimano, Campagnolo and SRAM.

Disc Brakes
Disc brakes are one of the newest game-changing evolutions in road cycling. They add that extra level of security to any ride, knowing that you can always stop on demand. They are equally reliable in all weather conditions. The ease of braking is a real bonus, especially when your hands are frozen and barely functional. Just a light pull on the lever to modulate your speed. With no need for braking on the rim surface, wear and tear is reduced. This gets you much more mileage from your wheelset.

Ridley Carbon
Here at Ridley, we set extremely high standards for ourselves. And it all starts with our choice of raw materials. We use only the best quality carbon available, sourced from Toray. They are the world?s leading carbon manufacturer, supplying mainly to the aerospace industry. The grades of high-modulus carbon we use vary from our most pliable 24-ton, which gives the frame flex and comfort, to 60-ton which is our stiffest.

When developing our carbon products, we strictly follow the principle of ?form follows function??down to the last detail. When creating a frame, we first analyse the exact function it needs to serve ? how it will be used, how it needs to feel in every possible scenario. Next we design the shape of the frame, taking extreme care of the exact curves, lines and varying thickness of each tube. Lastly is the carbon layup. Combining the grades of carbons to get the exact feel of the bike is like piecing together the most intricate 3-D jigsaw puzzle. It usually involves hundreds of pieces of carbon, assembled in a few dozen layers.

Once this puzzle is complete, what you have is a piece of machinery that is perfectly tuned for its task at hand. Every single one of our carbon bikes exemplifies this extreme attention to detail.



RIDLEY Buy your new Ridley Bike from CFN to ride in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and Central Coast. Ridley Bikes was started in 1997 by Jochim Aerts, a frame builder and painter who had been producing frames for Belgian bicycle companies since 1990. In a few years, Ridley became the market leader in Belgium for racing bike. CFN has stocked Ridleys for a few years now - establishing Ridley as a premium bicycle brand within the Hunter region. Ridley's customizer enables the customer to have complete control over their new bicycle - with over 50 unique colours to pick from, including Matte and Gloss finishes. We build your Ridley to suit you, with components from Sram, Shimano and Campagnolo available, we can customize your new bike in any way shape or form! Can't find what you are looking for? We can assist you - contact us on 02 4023 8239 or come in-store to our experienced staff about your new custom Ridley. Our Ridley Bikes come with a free service in the first 6 months.

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