Bike Servicing & Repairs Newcastle

Full Service Bicycle Repairs & Servicing - All Brands!

Major Service - $220

Overhaul - $350 (road) or $380 (MTB)

Suspension Servicing

Rear Suspension 50 Hour Service

Front Suspension 50 Hour Service:

Degrease + Wash $49

Bike Fit $129

No parts are included

We do NOT service Scooters

Frequently Asked Questions

When getting your bike serviced, you need honest advice. At CFN, we pride ourselves on getting the best servicing for the lowest possible rate – without compromising on quality or workmanship. We have collated a few of our frequently asked questions to help you. Please send us a message, call on 40238239 or an email if you have any questions.

The answer to this question is different to each individual rider. We recommend getting your bike serviced once every 3 months if you are riding it regularly. This ensures you stay ‘on top’ of the maintenance, so less parts break for you when you are on the road or trails. 

If you consistently ride in the rain or in harsh environments, we would recommend more frequent servicing. If you have any questions about servicing or require a quote, please bring your bike in for an honest assessment. Our bike servicing costs are extremely competitive and our bike mechanics have years of experience. 

In general, a high quality bike wash (such as Motorex Bike Cleaner) will help you remove all of the grit and grime on the frame. 

A spray based degreaser is excellent for the drive train including gears, derailleurs, shifters and cables. 

An alcohol based degreaser is excellent for the brakes, rotors and rims. 

We have a massive range of bike cleaning products in store. 

Chains should be lubricated with a silicon based lubricant. We sell chain lubes from Motorex and Tri-Flow. Water based lubricants such as WD-40 actually attract water, leading to rust and corrosion on your bike. 

With Newcastle being a coastal town, we recommend you store your bike inside or protected from the elements. The salt air can easily corrode parts of your bike including the spokes, nipples and stanchions on your fork. We have bicycle racks and storage options in stock. 

We recommend you clean your bike if it is dirty, you have ridden in the wet or in a harsh environment – such as salty air. By keeping your bike clean, you will minimise your expenditure on replacement parts and bike servicing costs. 

Yes, we offer insurance quotations for the small fee of $45. If you decide to go ahead with the repair or replacement, you will get the $45 fee taken off the total of the parts or repairs. 

We can source custom parts for your bicycle. We have access to a massive range of suppliers who offer generic to exotic bicycle parts. 

We stock a massive range of Shimano and Sram parts for drive trains. 

Angie Ho
Angie Ho
Great service and quick repair with a solid outcome with a fair price 👍
Desi Nikoletatos
Desi Nikoletatos
Genuinely the “Best” Cycling store in Newcastle. Outstanding customer service. Very caring, informative and knowledgeable and such a willingness to go out of their way to always help you. Such genuine people with great attitudes. Nothing is too difficult for the very confident team at CFN with special thanks to Glen and Blake, thank you so much for everything, and thank you for supporting me in my cycling journey 🚴🏼‍♂️.
Awesome place. Lovely people
Bram Tibbs
Bram Tibbs
These guys have repaired my road bikes and MTBs many times over the years. They always do an excellent job at a fair price. They are especially skilled at servicing and repairing high end bikes. They offer prompt, efficient, friendly service and advice. Definitely recommend. 👍
Thomas Adcock
Thomas Adcock
Reliable and quick.
Rory Dineen-Griffin
Rory Dineen-Griffin
Extremely friendly and professional. Will come back whenever I need a service!
Richard Johnston
Richard Johnston
I've only been to cfn a few time and I'm sold. Wouldn't go anywhere else service is professional friendly. Thanks guys.
Greg Daniels
Greg Daniels
I was recommended CFN by a colleague, and we're certainly glad we made the change. Have always been provided outstanding service by proffessional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Everybody there are passionate about bikes, and it shows! We are lucky to have such a company like this in our region! Thankyou to Glenn and the team.
Samuel Brentnall
Samuel Brentnall
Glen and his team are great to work with. Having used services from probably 6+ local bike shops, I now consistently go to CFN. They’re very honest and clear in their communication, they won’t try to up sell you and they’re very good value for what they do. (So much so that I’m always telling glen he needs to push his prices up!)
Isaiah Huthnance
Isaiah Huthnance
Fantastic service, very friendly team. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks for helping me with my unicycle cranks 😀

Book a repair spot in our schedule. You can do this by bringing your bike in, calling us on 40238239, sending us a message or emailing us. Our workshop is open Monday to Friday for bike repairs.

Bring your bike into our Adamstown store anytime for a free quotation. You can leave the bike with us for your servicing to take place. 

We will work on your bike and aim to turn it around in the shortest time possible. If your bike requires any additional parts or we find any problems we will contact you with solutions.

Swing by our store to pick up your freshly serviced bike. We are open Monday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday 10am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm. 

Custom Bike Builds

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible bicycle to enhance your riding experience. We have built 100s of custom bicycles – Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes and everything in between. Whether you want us to source exotic parts for your next bicycle build or want us to put your new bike together with existing parts, no job is too big or small for our experienced bicycle mechanics.

Our Range of Bicycle Repairs


  • Replace tyre and tube
  • Glue single tyre
  • True wheel
  • Custom wheel build – alloy rim
  • Custom wheel build – carbon rim
  • Hub service

Gear and brake adjustments

  • Tune gears
  • Adjust brakes

Drive train

  • Bottom bracket service
  • Fit Chain & check gears
  • Fit Cassette


  • Adjust head-set
  • Head-set service


  • Full bicycle detail

Bike adjustments

  • Cut down steerer, headset service
  • Cut integrated seat post

Aero bars

  • Install clip-on aero bars

Mountain-bike related

  • Brake bleed
  • Fit tubeless tyre

Bike Fit

  • Pack bike for freight

Bike Builds

  • Road Bike Build
  • Mountain Bike Build
  • Time Trial Bike Build

Maintaining Your Bike In Newcastle

With Newcastle being a coastal town, keeping your bike out of the salty air can ensure the longevity of its lifetime.

Keeping your bike clean is one of the best things you can do to ensure all the components and accessories continue to work.

We recommend using a non-water based lubricant (NOT WD-40) on your gears and cables to ensure they run smoothly and effectively.

If you are in doubt, bring your bike into CFN (Located in Adamstown) and we can make an honest assessment on what your bicycle needs. We are more than happy to run you through some general bicycle maintenance tips and tricks to ensure your bike is running as smoothly as possible.

All bikes are able to be serviced, you just need to bring it in store and see one of our qualified and highly skilled mechanics. The services we provide are:

  • Regular bicycle servicing, bike repairs, and other adjustments such as gear tuning and brake adjustments
  • Full triathlon and time trial bike builds
  • Full bicycle builds for road bikes, MTBs, fixies, hybrids and commuters
  • Custom setups
    Custom bike builds are our specialty, from entry levels kids mountain bikes, right through to high end DI2 time trial bike builds. We can source the parts for you and build your new bike or we can use your existing parts for your build.
  • Wheel building and repairs. Carbon and Alloy wheels for road and mountain bikes
  • Specialty part sourcing and installation
  • Insurance quotations
  • Installation of bicycle parts

We aim to make sure every service is able to prevent any problems from arising. We can tune your bike before any event that you are competing in and offer our advice to help with any of your problems. We recommend booking your bike in advance before any major events such as Port to Port MTB and Port Macquarie Ironman.

We offer custom bike builds, aiming to satisfy you as the customer. We aim to us making sure that you are happy with the end result and have your bicycle with exactly the right components. Have a look at our Instagram to see some of our favourite custom bike builds.

At CFN, we also offer the best support when it comes to making sure your bike fit and set up is how you want it to be, no short cuts can be made when it comes to your comfort.

CFN Newcastle has a complete bike mechanic workshop located in Adamstown. Our qualified bike mechanics offer repairs and servicing on all bicycle brands and models. When you book your service in advance, we can complete work on your bike in just one day (assuming you do not need out of stock parts). To make sure this happens, we suggest that you contact us a week before your preferred service date.

Call to book in for Bike Servicing

We have spots available for bike servicing. Drop in store or call us to book your bike in today!